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Reproductive Choice Australia is a political advocacy group and as such, does not provide abortion services or pregnancy counselling. For unbiased online information regarding an unplanned pregnancy and your options, visit the Children by Choice website

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, some women find it helpful to seek a neutral support person to talk through all their options with – parenting, adoption and abortion. If you do choose to call a pregnancy counselling service, please take care. There are many pregnancy counselling services around the country that are anti-abortion, and do not offer unbiased information about your pregnancy options or give referrals to abortion providers. A comprehensive list of abortion services in each state can be found on the Children by Choice website. It is important that any counselling service you contact is not of a coercive nature and will not try to influence decisions concerning your pregnancy in any way.  A discussion on what constitutes high quality counselling practices and what counselling should provide you with can be found on the Victorian Government’s Better Health Website. A list of genuine non-biased pregnancy counselling services are available online here

Children by Choice also provide information for men whose partner, family member or friend may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

For information on preventing future unplanned pregnancies, see the Better Health Channel’s contraception information. This website provides an extensive list of contraception options, and will assist you in choosing the method that suits you. Distribution of your chosen contraception method can be provided by your local GP or Family Planning Service, and will vary in cost depending on the method chosen.

If your pregnancy is the result of a sexual assault or intimate partner violence, there are specialist support services you can speak to. The National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service can be contacted Freecall on 1800 737 732, 24 hours a day. They also have a comprehensive list of sexual assault and domestic violence counselling and support services by state

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Standing Up for Women's Reproductive Rights
Reproductive Choice Australia is a coalition of organisations and individuals who are interested in ensuring that women’s reproductive rights are protected and enhanced in Australia.